About us


Companies are just like human beings. They have a unique personality and appearance.
How about DDG?
How do we see ourselves?
Who are we?
What is our identity?
Who do we want to be for our clients?

We’ve chosen to avoid vague core values like ‘involvement’ or ‘professionalism’. That’s why we – management and other colleagues throughout DDG – have indicated in key words who we are and what we stand for. We’ve captured these core values in the DDG DNA. They are not regulations, but they do give you a handhold to decide whether or not you fit in with DDG and the areas where you can develop.

Let’s grow

You want to develop yourself. DDG gives you the space to do that. We recruit people for growth. Show us your inner potential. Dare to live your dreams. And ask for support when you find restrictions. We’ll offer help internally and, where possible, training or coaching. This is to enable professional and personal growth. We, as a company, also strive for growth. We do it in a controlled way, so there are no risky investments, but we always have an eye and budget for good ideas.Let’s grow!

Drive success

As a ‘power woman’, you will be in the right place with DDG. You are dynamic, pragmatic, authentic and ambitious. That’s not just for your own sake but also to make your client successful. So you don’t think in terms of problems, but in solutions. You love challenges. Because of your real-world creativity, hands-on guardianship of your work, flexible attitude and confidence in your own abilities, you strengthen the trust between you and your client Drive success!

See chances

DDG is an internationally oriented organisation. As a ‘woman of the world’ – sorry, boys – we’re always looking for new opportunities. Think of special venues or gadgets for an event. Think of new technology to communicate with the target group (go, boys!). And think of expanding our international network. Because you are full of life, socially engaged, people oriented and easy to get along with, you’ll encounter new ideas all the time. See chances!

Share the energy

DDG stands for team spirit. You help each other out where necessary. Challenge and correct each other. Think of unconventional solutions. Everything is up for discussion. By sharing emotions and inspiring each other in a positive way, we are more than colleagues. This positive energy also stimulates external relationships. By enthusing clients and showing true interest, we build on long-term relationships. And this last point is equally important: don’t forget to enjoy! Share the energy!

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