Hybrid events: longer peaks, more impact

What makes one event just good while another is unforgettable? This is the question many marketing and communication professionals ask themselves when they are scheduling an important event.

A good event sometimes seems like professional sport. All the costs, preparation and energy go into the one moment of peak performance, when we have the undivided attention of our audience. And that audience is critical to our business. So those precious hours should be well spent.

Fortunately, the situation is no longer so black and white. Of course the day itself is a highlight when experience, network and content must come together perfectly. But whereas before you only had the few short hours of the event to impress your audience, technology and social media now offer new opportunities. An event can create much more impact than just during ‘showtime ‘.

With the right content, useful tools, and hybrid solutions, you can very precisely meet the needs of your target audience. For example, if someone doesn’t have time to attend the event but is interested in your program, you can let them watch from a place of their choice via a live stream. If there are interesting networking opportunities you can let your (potential) customers know that and give them the opportunity to make arrangements in advance. There are plenty of opportunities before as well as after the event! Make your guests part of a community and share valuable and unique content with them. In this way you increase their involvement and build a sustainable dialogue.

DDG offers various services and apps that take your event to the next level. With our many years of experience we are experts in the field of hybrid events and improving the involvement of your audience. Watch the video or visit our Web site for more information. If you would prefer personal advice, please make an appointment with one of our specialists.